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Budget Planner

Organize your monthly cash flow to find additional dollars you can use to achieve your financial planning and retirement goals. Designed to compare your “Current” expenditures to “Proposed” expenditures, simple adjustments can be made until you have the desired outcome.

Life Insurance Needs

The Life Insurance Needs Calculator lets you estimate the amount of life insurance coverage you and your spouse / partner require.


Mortgage Calculator

Calculate the impact various payment assumptions will have on the number of years until your mortgage is paid. Two scenarios and optional payment modes allow you to explore multiple strategies at once.


The RRSP Loan Calculator lets you compare borrowing to invest a lump-sum in your RRSP today vs. making regular monthly contributions to your RRSP. The strategy that produces the larger RRSP balance at retirement may warrant further consideration in your planning.

Retire Right calculator

Estimate your desired retirement income and be able to see where you are headed and what is needed to meet your desired retirement goals.

RRSP Tax Savings

Calculate how much tax-savings you will have by saving in your RRSP and receiving a tax-deduction on your income taxes

Savings Accumulation

Calculate the growth of your savings and investments with a variety of parameters

Income Tax Calculator

The Income Tax Calculator estimates the amount of tax you will be required to pay on the various sources of income earned. If you are an employee, use the calculator to estimate the potential tax savings from RRSP contributions. If you are self-employed, use the calculator to estimate changes to income tax based on how you draw your income.

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