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Building your ideal investment portfolio

Your life is unique and so should your financial plan. We build your portfolio based on these factors, and continuously monitor and review to make sure it stays aligned with your needs:

  • Your goals. Knowing your goals sets the tone for your portfolio so the investment strategy is aligned with them

  • Your time horizon. How long do you want to hold an investment? If your time horizon is shorter you want to invest in low-risk fixed income options, whereas with a longer time horizon you can explore higher-risk investments such as equities and real estate. The risk of the investment should match your time horizon.

  • Your risk profile. We evaluate your personal risk tolerance to ensure your investment strategy matches so you can feel secure. Some investors prefer a slow, steady return, while others are comfortable with volatility and can ride the ups and downs over a longer time horizon.

When your goals change, revisit your risk profile and time horizon to adjust accordingly. A portfolio that accurately reflects your goals, time horizon, and risk profile will help you stay the course in times of volatility.

Reach out if you'd like to discuss how we can get you on track to growing your wealth.

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